Intermediate Computers

Secondary course to enhance your computer skills

The goal of this class is to teach intermediate skills for Windows PC’s and Microsoft Word and Excel.

  • Subjects Covered Include:
  • Week 1 – Review of the Ribbon in Microsoft Word. Working around the defaults in Word.
  • Week 2 – Margins in Word. Working with Boolean Operators. Keyboard shortcuts.
  • Week 3 – Exercise in creating a basic Word document. Bullet Points. Print Screen function.
  • Week 4 – Introduction to Excel and exploring the Ribbon.
  • Week 5 – Creating a home budget worksheet using Auto Sum.
  • Week 6 – Exercise setting a spreadsheet for a data base and sorting.
  • Week 7 – Introduction of Publisher and PowerPoint. Presentation of the Certifications.
  • For more information, contact Tim Boyd.
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