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Our purpose at CareerSource Florida Crown is:

  • To provide assistance in finding employment , or;
  • To help you secure more gainful employment at a self-sufficiency wage;
  • To identify obstacles to your employment

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In order to better provide our customers with information on our services and programs, we conduct a weekly Career Center Orientation. Career Center Orientation is mandatory for most customers who are wishing to receive services provided at CareerSource Florida Crown.

There are a number of bargaining tools a job seeker can choose from when interviewing for a job. Did you know that if you meet certain criteria, your prospective employer could get a tax credit? For veterans and certain dislocated workers, the Work Opportunity Tax Credit could reduce your new employer’s taxes up to $9,600 if you qualify. This and many other subjects, such as Veteran Priority of Service, financial assistance for schooling and services provided by our partner organizations are covered in the orientation.

Career Center Orientation is held every week on Thursday, at 1:30pm. Depending upon several factors, the orientation can last for up to 90 minutes.

  • Subjects Covered Include:
  • Assisted Job Searches
  • Career Center Resources
  • Job referral and placement
  • Veterans Priority of Service
  • Employer Tax Credits for hiring from certain groups of job seekers
  • Employability Skills
  • Resume Writing
  • Successful Employment Resources
  • Identifying Obstacles to Employment
  • Employability Plan
  • Skills/Interest Assessment (Prove-It!)
  • Testing (TABE SURVEY)
  • Other Testing (i.e. Typing)
  • Services offered by our Career Center Partners


About the Process

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If you request programmatic services, please keep the following in mind:

When requesting services thru any of our programs, please understand there may be a wait time for acceptance, especially if you want to go back to school – your desired classes may already be in session; you’ll have to wait until the next ones start. Also, your expediency at providing the required documentation will have a direct impact on how quickly you can get started as well. All of this is covered in detail in the orientation.

All training programs are first come, first served, and are dependent upon the availability of funding throughout the program year.

Please check our calendar page for the schedule.


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