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Wage Statistics Distribution

The table below shows the workforce development regions with the lowest Preliminary estimated average weekly wages in Florida for the 2nd quarter, 2015.

Workforce RegionTotal Avg Employment*Avg Hourly WageAvg Weekly Wage*Avg Annual WagePreliminary Data
Region 19 - CareerSource Heartland, Florida53,890 $16.10$644$33,488N/A
Region 03 - CareerSource Chipola, Florida27,549$16.15$646 $33,592 N/A
Region 06 - CareerSource North Florida, Florida29,531$16.33$653$33,956N/A
Region 07 - CareerSource Florida Crown, Florida32,918$16.68$667$34,684Yes
Region 10 - CareerSource Citrus Levy Marion, Florida136,758$16.85$674 $35,048N/A
Region 04 - CareerSource Gulf Coast, Florida84,043$17.23$689$35,828N/A
Region 11 - CareerSource Flagler Volusia, Florida181,356$17.58$703$36,556N/A
Region 16 - CareerSource Pasco Hernando, Florida146,228$17.65$706$36,712 N/A
Region 17 - CareerSource Polk, Florida202,874 $18.40$736$38,272N/A
Region 01 - CareerSource Escarosa, Florida161,598 $18.63$745$38,740N/A

* Assumes a 40-hour week worked the year round.
Source: FL Labor Market Statistics, Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages Program, Employ Florida Marketplace


Area Labor Force, Employment and Unemployment Data

The table below shows preliminary estimated labor force, employment and unemployment information in Workforce Region 07 – CareerSource Florida Crown, Florida for August, 2016. These figures are not seasonally adjusted.

Area NameCivilian Labor Force# Employed# UnemployedUnemployment RatePreliminary Data
Region 07 - CareerSource Florida Crown45,11742,8832,2345.0%Yes

Source: FL Labor Market Statistics, Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages Program, Employ Florida Marketplace


Industries by Projected Growth

The table below shows the top 10 industries with the highest annual percent change in Workforce Region 07 – CareerSource Florida Crown, Florida for the 2015 – 2023 time period.

Industry2015 Estimated Employment2023 Projected Employment2015-2023 Annual % ChangeTotal Employment Change
Construction of Buildings1992875.5%88
Veneer, Plywood, and Engineered Wood Product Manufacturing8114.7%3
Outpatient Care Centers2072804.4%73
Waste Treatment and Disposal22294.0%7
Building Equipment Contractors3063963.7%90
Other Specialty Trade Contractors1772273.5%50
Specialty Trade Contractors7881,0103.5%222
Foundation, Structure, and Building Exterior Contractors2002553.4%310
Building Finishing Contractors1051323.2%27

Source: Labor Market Statistics, Occupational Employment Projections Unit, Employ Florida Marketplace


Occupations by Employment Wage

The table below shows the occupations with the highest paying 2016 estimated mean (annual) wages in Workforce Region 07, Florida.

RankOccupation2016 Estimated Mean Annual Wage
9Physicians and Surgeons, All Other$242,735
8Pediatricians, General $195,969
7Family and General Practitioners$150,976
2Chief Executives $139,325
4Computer and Information Systems Managers$136,809
1Engineering Managers$119,482
6Physical Therapists$116,540
5Occupational Therapists$114,714
3Physician Assistants$108,610

Source: Occupational Employment Statistics and Wages Program

Entry level and experienced wage rates represent the means of the lower 1/3 and upper 2/3 of the wage distribution, respectively.

Data is from an annual wage survey

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